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AGM Notes

The Annual Meeting will take place Tuesday, October 25, @ 6:30pm, at the Peterborough Theatre Guild.



Suburban Standoff

Hope is a Bird

(a staged play reading)

by David Carley

Sunday, October 15th, 2pm

Peterborough Theatre Guild, Mainstage

The ivory billed Woodpecker is commonly thought to be extinct. But what if it isn’t? What if there is still a survivor, living in peace in an isolated swamp? Would you tell the world ?

Katherine and Julius are disgraced birdwatchers who must wrestle with the dilemma, Going public with their discovery could win them personal and professional redemption. But it could also bring the final curtain down on the ivory billed.

If you were in their shoes would you tell? Will they?

To purchase your tickets, use the Reserve Your Tickets button (below), or call the Box Office at 705-745-4211.

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We hope to be back to producing play workshops very soon. Watch this space for announcements.